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Selling to Millenials

The Art of Selling To Millennials Using A Millennial Mindset

With Guest Dean Akers one of Tampa’s most sought-after CEO’s

  •    Understand how to identify your sales strategy that will help build your business for the long term!
  • Learn how looking at the black and white facts of your company will set you free and bring you huge profits!
  • Hear what gave Dean the know-how to land some of the most sought-after companies as clients!
  • Learn how he’s quickly growing a company in one of the toughest industries – debt collection.
  • Hear Dean’s stories on relationship building and how being authentic and persistence will win you business no one ever thought you could have!

Dean Akers is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur.  He acquired his business acumen working for Linder Industrial Machinery.  Formerly the CEO of Airdrome Tires, he tells his story about getting the “ungettable” accounts.  Throughout the years, Dean has acted as an Adjunct CEO for companies who can utilize his skill.  In 2004, he came on as CEO for Ideal Image, a company that was building 1 location at the time.  In the span of 5 years, Ideal Image had 65 locations and sold for $170 million!  Dean currently advises a handful of businesses and has pioneered a way of selling via Radio, Podcast, Facebook and other mediums that are truly unique!


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