Road Closed List

Road Closures

The following is the status of road and intersection closures due to flooding, non-working traffic signals, down trees and/or electrical lines. Call (352) 754-4083 to report impassable roads.

1 Ft. Dade Ave. and Cobb Rd. CLOSED
2 Culbreath Rd. and Ayers Rd. CLOSED
3 Sheffield Rd. CLOSED
4 Bahama Swallow Ave. CLOSED
5 Powell Rd. and Cedar Ln. CLOSED
6 Powell Rd. and Culbreath Rd. CLOSED
7 Benes Roush Rd. CLOSED
8 Stafford Ave. CLOSED
9 US 41 at Mondon Hill Rd. CLOSED
10. Cooper Rd & Anton Ave. CLOSED
11. Alta Vista St between Howell Ave & Bell Ave CLOSED
12. 12428 Tansboro St CLOSED
13. 19040 Fort Dade Ave CLOSED
14. West Mildred & Fort Dade Ave CLOSED
15. Cass Circle east of Spring Hill Drive CLOSED
16. Fort Dade Ave about 1/2 mile west of East Rd CLOSED
18. Wiscon Rd at Horselake Rd CLOSED
19. Evening Star Ave at Knuckey Rd CLOSED
20. Broad St at Highbury Rd CLOSED
21. Wiscon Rd at Broad St CLOSED
22. Peyton Rd / Parrish Rd CLOSED
23. Standist St / Cortez Blvd CLOSED
24. West St / Wildwood Dr CLOSED
25. 14075 Ken Austin Pkwy CLOSED
26. Riverfront / Avenue of the Palms CLOSED
27. Fort Dade / Cortez Blvd CLOSED
28. Waterfall Dr / April Ct CLOSED
29. Fort Dade / Bayport CLOSED
30. Citrus Way south of bridge CLOSED
31. Hayman / Culbreath CLOSED
32. Batten / Rinard Ridge CLOSED
33. Spring Hill Dr / Hayward CLOSED
34. 12428 Tansboro St CLOSED
35. Hwy 98 and Hammock Rd CLOSED
36. Evening Star Ave/ Knuckey Rd CLOSED
37. Broad St and Highbury Rd CLOSED
38. Wiscon Rd/ Broad St CLOSED
39. Wiscon Rd/ Horselake Rd CLOSED
40. Loretto/Deltona CLOSED
41. Swiss/Oak Grove CLOSED
42. Bluebird/Ovenbird CLOSED
43. Ponce De Leon/ Hodge Rd CLOSED
44. 9097 Weatherly CLOSED
45. Rodgers Ave/ Oak CLOSED
46. Outback Way/Preston Rd CLOSED
47. Snow Memorial Hwy/Chinsegut Rd CLOSED
48. Spring Hill Dr/ Malone CLOSED
49. Mondon Hill Rd/Old Jasmine Dr CLOSED
50. Citrus Way/Centralia Rd CLOSED
19220 Youth Drive at Parrott CLOSED
Geneva St. CLOSED
Tambor/ Goldsmith CLOSED
6867 Richard Dr. CLOSED
7478 Mobley Rd CLOSED
7468 Wabash Tr. CLOSED
Jasmine Dr./Woodlawn CLOSED
Yontz between Ponce & Joyce CLOSED
Mt. Fair/Broad CLOSED
High Point Blvd./Eldorado CLOSED
Howell/Chatfield CLOSED
Blackbird/Cortez CLOSED
Mondon Hill/Markham Ln CLOSED
Howell/ Bell CLOSED
8432 Kocher CLOSED
Joyce/ Yontz CLOSED
Lake Between Olympia & SR50 Hideaway CLOSED
Lake Lindsey/Lingle Rd CLOSED
Noddy Tern CLOSED
14293 Spring Hill Drive CLOSED
Mariner Blvd. just North of Spring Hill Dr CLOSED
Roberta Ave. CLOSED
Jasmine Dr/Cortez Blvd CLOSED
10478 Sheffield Rd CLOSED
Mondon Hill/ Broad St. CLOSED
23205 Forside CLOSED
Batten Rd/ Hayman Rd CLOSED
Mariner/ County Line CLOSED

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